We know that many business and corporation floats have various needs individually, and we’re here to help you look your best! Capes and gowns for Prom Kings and Queens, with everything from crowns, scepters… Historic and modern military uniforms from all branches… We can recreate any scene from history from the “Spirit of 76” on to Betsy Ross, to Uncle Sam himself (with or without stilts)! Medieval dresses, International dresswear from other countries, whatever your float’s costume needs, we can supply!

If you’re simply walking in the parade, we carry many red, white and blue outfits and costumes available. (make that a link) Even a Hat, vest, bowtie or Necktie, as well.

Does your float need musical props? Authentic instruments such as Callhorns, bugles, trombones, drums, cymbals, mandolins, flutes, guitars, and MEGAPHONES are just some of the many things has! Get that crowd to make some noise!

If you have a float, but no costumes, consider the potential of our fantastic costumes, and make your parade a memorable one! Also, we have rental bunting, to decorate your float! An 1890’s float as seen in “Hello, Dolly” is within the realm of possibility!

Classic car owners-- you can dress in the same era as your beloved ride! can also accent your current outfit with a period hat, goggles, helmets, dusters, or scarves.

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